Matthew Watkins

Husband - Father - Software Engineer - Blogger - Podcaster


Here are a few of my side projects. Some are under active development. Some are under "less than active" development ☺. Almost all are open source.

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MD Notepad

Browser notes app with markdown support

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Mortgage Calc

Multi-scenario amortization calcualtor / comparer

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Gmail Snooze

Adds snooze functionality to Gmail

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Toy Server

A little test server in the command line

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Dash it All!

Cross-platform packet sniffer with trigger functionality

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Goodberrys Flavor

Google Assistant can now tell you the Goodberrys flavor of the day

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MyQ API Proxy

A proxy API for the MyQ Garage Door Controls

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Better Text Viewer

Makes plain text files easier to read in Chrome

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My college senior project: a Mastodon client web app


I've been working in software since 2008. I graduated with a computer science degree from NCSU. I currently work as a software engineer at Amazon here in Nashville.

I've always got some code running at home. I enjoy working on side projects at home, and writing on my dev blog.

Tech isn't my only passion. My family is the most important thing in my life. I have one cute son, one beautiful daughter, and one amazing wife.

I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (formerly nicknamed as "the Mormon Church"). I even run a podcast and write a blog about my faith, too.

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